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Established in 1993, Immediate Air Cargo Transit  has grown into a multimillion dollar company. We began as a small company specializing in same-day service and have grown into a full service transportation company. Immediate Air Cargo Transit has built its reputation on meeting the needs of our customers. Be it Air or Truck. We specialize in coordinating time sensitive moves be it domestic or international. The business we are targeting directly impacts that which traditionally constitutes the largest portion of your budget freight cost. While our focus may be on time sensitive moves, we offer our customers a full range of services, from which to choose.

To provide a motivated, personalized and professional staff. One that work in concert with your staff to meet the ever changing shipping needs so prevalent in today's transportation of goods and services. In doing so we eliminate the stress so often associated with weight shipments, unscheduled moves and special projects.

Personalized service - 24/7
Open line of communication
Flexibility for unscheduled moves
Inbound and cross-bound shipments coordination.
Online order submission
Online order tracking
Peace of mind