Brokerage Freight

Brokerage Freight

Now you are on the lookout for a shipment but you don’t know how a freight brokerage can help you. We have the best solution for you! At Immediate Air Cargo, we’ve been operating as one of the nation’s top freight brokerages since 1993. During this period we’ve done a lot to gain our customers’

What We Offer

For many years, we have been offering the highest quality and most affordable logistics solutions you deserve. For customs freight brokerage services, just contact us and we will assist you. Immediate Air Cargo has grown for 25+ years to provide our customers with not only Air Freight, Freight forwarding, LTL, FTL, intermodal shipping, but also brokerage freight service.

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Schedule a pick up and delivery today and you will never regret it. You will see why thousands of companies are already using our freight brokerage delivery service. We also pride ourselves that thousands more continue to switch to us to handle their delivery processes.

How We Will Help You

Trust us and we ensure to save you time and finances. With us, you can feel confident that the cargo will be delivered to the consignee just the way we have already agreed. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Immediate Air Cargo has already served hundreds of people, so if you want to avoid unforeseen additional costs, simply get in touch with us. We never make mistakes in the preparation of documentation, so we can facilitate your customs procedures without any hassle.

We have one goal – to ensure continuous flow of cargo for both import and export. Call us for freight brokerage delivery service and we will perform prompt preparation of customs formalities and documentation, as well as transit procedures.

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